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    Things that make you go 'Hmmm'.
    10/18/98: I get the wildest Email! I received a note today from a guy in England who has discovered this strangely familiar vehicle! The photo was taken many years ago, when the car was built as a publicity maker for the Brading Wax Museum on the Island of Wight. It started life as a Ford Torino, and for all it's quirks and weirdities, it wouldn't take much to create a very slick-looking Batmobile replica with it! See my rough photo-edit for what it would look like in the right colors and after a few adjustments HERE.
    Bob Kimball sent me this picture of his AWESOME scratch-built diorama of the Batcave in 1/43 scale to match his Corgi Batmobile!! The entire cave is constructed of metal, wood and plastic (no foam core or cardboard)!! The radar screen depicts a map accurate to the one used by the Dynamic Duo on the show, too. And while he was at it, note that he super-detailed his Corgi Batmobile as well- adding red piping, cockpit details like the fire extinguisher and more. One very SICK man!!
    Here's what the later versions (early 1970s) of the Corgi Batmobile looked like. These have chromed wheels, and are missing several of the details that make the earlier versions so valuable today.
    Here are some pictures of models built by Michael R. Spressler of Newark, New Jersey. I guess we can safely say he's a pretty big fan, eh?

    Check out the detailed interior!

    Keaton's Batman, Kilmer's Batman and O'Donnell's Robin.

    The Munster Coach, another Barris Kustoms car.

    Here's a pic of me with Frank Gorshin on June 21st, 1997. This guy is just too cool!
    My autographed 8x10 of Frank Gorshin as the Riddler

    These pics were found on the web...owners unknown, but it's safe to assume Bruce Wayne can afford to keep his toys in better shape. All of these were found via a search for the word 'Batmobile', which in turn, was each owner's name for these vehicles!
    The first car, a '59 Buick, can be seen in a couple more pics at
    Proof that even super-heroes can make a Bat-Blunder. Apparently, Mr. West wasn't TOTALLY focused on this day and slammed the Bat-door on his Bat-cape.
    Holy-Bat-Dry-Cleaning-Bill, Batman!
    This picture proves the 'Burt Ward as Robin' myth to be false. In this unused scene, filmed during a lighting test, an out-of-costume Robin, actually played by David Sutton, can be seen.
    (Okay, okay.....maybe not, but I had to come with SOMETHING for this pic, submitted by David Sutton, of course!)
    Eric Seltzer, one of my repeated contributors, seems to have had a rather yummy 30th birthday! Just don't stand behind the cake or you'll end up baked, too.
    ...and on the subject of yummy (...and I mean that with the uptmost respect, ladies), here's Francine York, who appeared several times in the series. This is a publicity shot for promotion of an episode where she was one of Bookworm's underlings. Who am I to exclude this picture, eh? (NOW I remember what was so great about the sixties! I miss 'Star Trek' and those skirts...). Of course, I've only included this picture here because the Batmobile can be seen in it....honest! ;)

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