Other Bat-Vehicles
This area is to give a hint of the Caped Crusader's other modes of transportation. If you've got a picture or info of something not shown here...GIVE IT UP! It takes contributions from all of you to build this site.
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This is a model of the 1950s version of the Batmobile, seen only in comic book form, I believe.

The FIRST 'BatCycle' seen in the TV series.
I'm told it appeared in the mid-first season in the episode, "The Penguin Goes Straight/Not Yet He Ain't".
Note how young Burt Ward seems in this pic.

One of the 1966 Film's Batcycles....

owned today by Scott Chinery.

The BatCopter appeared in the 1966 film version along with....

the BatBoat and...

the Bat-Surfboard?!?!?!

BatGirl needed wheels, too. Her motorcycle was purple!
Batgirl (aka Barbara Gordon) was played by the lucious Yvonne Craig, who's costume, like Catwoman's, bordered on the obscene (thankfully!).

A model of the 1980s comic book Batmobile.

The 1989 'Batman' and 1992 'Batman Returns' films version, often called the 'Keaton car'

The Batmobile of the recent animated TV series. The second pic is of a toy based on this Batmobile.

The BatMissile appeared in the 'Batman Returns' film, and isn't really a 'missle'. It's a narrowed version of the Batmobile created when the car throws off the extras to squeeze between obstacles.

The BatSki also appeared in 'Batman Returns'. This may be the strangest Bat-vehicle of all, as it seems to have no real purpose outside of skimming thru sewers. You have to be rich to have such a specialized vehicle in your fleet..which Bruce Wayne is, of course!

The Penguin's 'Duck car' also appeared in 'Batman Returns'.
Possibly more useless than the Batski, I have to wonder what prescription medication abuse inspired this one!

The 1995 'Batman: Forever' version, aka, the 'Kilmer car' "Chicks love the car" (22k WAV file)

The 1995 'Batman: Forever' boat, used to very little advantage before it's destruction, by Robin (Chris O'Donell).

The 1997 'Batman and Robin' Batmobile roadster of George Clooney's Batman.

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