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SPECIAL THANKS to those that have supplied media or information used on this site (willing contributors, plagarized publications and raided websites included). Anything here recognized as coming from a source not mentioned herein will be gleefully credited if you Email a reminder to me indicating from whom and where I probably swiped it! The memory ain't as sharp as it once was!!! ;)

Some of my gracious contributors have been:
G. Check; Tariq Butt; Philip J. Deacon; Capt. Dirk Reynolds; David K. Howington, Dan Shivley, Todd Bane, Craig Hussin, Jim Weisflock, Neal Glunn, Jeffrey King, Tom Leber, George Lyle, John Ernest, Anthony Dziepak, Bob Bowsher, S. Durrell, Bob Poliachik, Jamie Campbell, Jeff Ingraham, Donald L Covell Jr., Mark Cheek, and EXTRA BIG thanks to Galen Sword for the MANY contributions!!

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