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Heavy Metal

1978 Car: 1958 Corvette (probably modified..hehe)
In a small touch of true genious, the makers of this film found the ultimate way of representing the future routine of space travel- by having an Astronaut return directly to his home from a space shuttle mission by means of his personal, spaceflight-capable Corvette! Definately one of my favorite moments in the entire film!
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Herbie the Love Bug, and numerous sequels

1968. Car: 1963 Volkswagen Beetle ragtop sedan.
The first film "The Love Bug" was released in 1968 and was later followed by two sequels, "Herbie Rides Again" and "Herbie Goes To Monte Carlo". There was also a short lived TV series "The Adventures Of Herbie The Love Bug". There is also a new TV movie being made to be aired on ABC in early 1997 with Dean Jones,Bruce Campbell and Micky Dolenz.
12/12/96- Herbie the Love Bug pops up in a Knight Rider episode, during a chase scene, as one of the "moving obstacle" cars on the road. These being the cars on the road that the knight rider car swerves through on it's way someplace very important to the plot. It may be the episode where Garth is broekn out of prison by his truck Goliath. You've got to look fast, as the VW is only onscreen for about three seconds, in a 3/4 view, as K.I.T.T blows by it.
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The Living Daylights

198?- Car: Aston Martin Vantage
............[under construction]
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Mad Max, Road Warrior
, also: in motion, rear shot, rear shot, side shot, interior
1979. Car: 1973 Ford Falcon XB Coupe (Austrailian Ford).
Featured in the Mad Max film series was an Austrailian 'Falcon', a hybrid of the American Torino's rear styling joined to a Mustang base and front end. The car was outfitted with a blower (fake casing over a working carb!), for such occassions as seen in the never know when mutant hot-rodders are gonna wanna steal your gasoline, y'know?
After the film company was 'finished' with this car, they sent it to the junkyard...after having invested $35,000 building it!!! Thankfully, a fan/collector discovered and restored it to the condition shown here.
The original black Interceptor then appeared in car shows and museum displays across
Australia, before finally being sold to the Cars of the Stars Museum' in Keswick, England, where it sits today.
The Police pursuit vehicles included both XA and XB Falcons. Depending on the vehicle, engines were either 302 or 351 Cleveland Ford V8's made in
Australia (after Ford Australia bought the patterns from Ford US) with a Top Loader manual or FMX automatic gearbox. These engines were available until 1982.
Also in the Mad Max films were Ford Falcon XA Sedans (yellow and blue police vehicles) and a (Australian GM) HQ Holden Monaro GTS.
4-9-99: New info and link to a great 'Mad Max' site with great pics of the cars- The MAD MAX FAQ!
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The Man with the Golden Gun (James Bond)
, , The REAL Flyer

Click here for an 8MB WMV of the famous stunts in this film!

Click here for a 3MB WMVof  archival footage of the original ‘Astro Spiral Javelin’ which led to

the movie stunt (ignore the audio- my editing of the video made the words make no sense).
1974 Cars: 1974 AMC Hornet X and Matador Brougham
In the film, James Bond commandeers the Hornet and pursues the Matador at high speed. The Hornet's big moment is a ramp-to- ramp jump... with a twist.... literally!
7/15/96: The spiral "Javelin Jump" was inspired from an American Motors Corporation promotional tour which was running around the time the movie was made. The movie jump was performed with a modified 1974 Hornet X: special suspension, a six cylinder engine (for reduced weight), centered steering wheel, and a special fuel system to stop the car stalling when turning over. During AMC's promotional tour, they used AMC Javelins and had a few mishaps (including a roof landing when the car stalled on approach to the ramp), but the stunt that appeared in the film was done on the first take. A group of university students came up with the original idea, and used a computer to calculate the necessary environment. Although the bridge halves look dilapidated, they were constructed to exacting specifications. The stunt car had to approach the ramp at right-angles, do a sharp turn, and then hit the ramp at a predetermined speed.
To spoil the ending...the Hornet completes the jump just fine, but the Matador attaching wings and flying off! Totally believeable, no? More on THAT car later!
8-3-96: New pic of a Matador similar to the film car. Also appearing in this film are several Matador police sedans.
12-9-98: Two new factory photos of a similar Hornet and Matador.
8-2-99- AMC Content: See all of the above! This time, AMCs are the stars!

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Nightmares (Chapter Three: The Benediction)
 Malibu 2, front,  Mystery truck
Malibu 1, rear, Malibu 2, rear, Malibu 1, front, first meeting, draggin' ass, love tap,
rise & shine, touchdown, bumper underneath, bumper back in place, dangling brackets,

roll over, better get Maaco, one last hit, fired up, getting soaked, see ya!
1983 Cars: 197? Chevrolet Malibu and Chevrolet pickup truck.
Here's a little known flick that is comprised of several separate stories (like Creepshow or Trilogy of Terror). The first is effectively spooky, the second and fourth are just dopey, but the third is the one I liked best. 'The Benediction' involves a priest (Lance Henriksen) at some minor Mexican parish that has lost his faith in God. He leaves the parish to begin a new life elsewhere and en route arrives at an intersection where a mysterious black Chevy pickup waits at a stop sign. The priest motions to the truck, suggesting it can go first. It doesn't move. But when the priest tries to go, the truck lurches forward and speeds ahead, cutting him off. Thus begins a shortened version of Spielberg's first film, 'Duel', as this pickup menaces Henriksen, trying to run him off the road repeatedly. In the end, the car is flipped over, the priest crawls out and, in anger, flings the nearest object at the truck that he can grab…which happens to be a metal jug filled with Holy water. Instantly, the truck vanishes. Later, while being treated at the crash site by an ambulance crew, a cop offers to have the ambulance take him forward to the town he had been going toward. The priest says no, he wants to return to the town of his parish. We are given a hint of this ending when we see a Holy cross hanging upside-down from the truck's interior mirror. Clearly, the truck was a 'sign'.

Lots of continuity problems in this piece…all minor nit picks. First, the Chevy Malibu is played by at least two cars of different model years. It's first seen at the parish as having two rectangular tail lights. That scene fades to the next showing the car stopped along a road side, now having four round tail lights. The early front views of the car indicate the car with round tail lights has front turn signals that have a horizontal split, making each look like two lights on each side. Later, when the car with rectangular rear lights returns, it's front signals are not split. Add to this the various wheel covers and hub caps the car sheds, then regains (most obvious is the driver's-side front wheel) and some 'now you see them, now you don't' dents, and you realize this is 'made-for-TV' quality stuff. And that's because it was. It is not shot in widescreen as, like 'Duel', it was intended for TV. But when finished, it was deemed too intense for TV, so it was thrown to theatres. The truck has it's share of errors, too. Damage disappears after each collision (explained away by the demonic bit), and when it leaps out of the ground, it tears off it's front tube bumper when landing and runs it over….yet it's back on moments later. Later, as it races along the side of the road, the spare tire bracket dangles below the bed loosely, then isn't there in the next shot.
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Movie Titles A-G, H-O, P-Z.

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