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HELP! Pictures and Info needed on these cars I'd like to feature in the near future:
The 'Hawk' from 'Alex Haley's WHEELS' mini series, 'Rockford Files' Firebirds, 'Spencer for Hire' Mustang, The Deathmobile from 'Animal House', 'The Immortal', 'Kojak''s Buick, the cars from 'American Graffiti, 'Two Lane Blacktop', 'Gone in 60 Seconds, 'Speed Buggy', 'Mystery Machine from Scooby Doo(?) ....and anything else you can think of!
The evil Chevy truck from 'Nightmares', "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang', various machines from 'The Gumball Rally', the cars from 'Thunderbolt and Lightfoot' and many more that escape me right now....INFO AND PICS OF ANY CAR FEATURED HERE OR WHICH SHOULD BE, PLEASE EMAIL ME!!!!

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