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The Basics: 1968-1980 Javelin and AMX Spotter's Guide.
WRONG answers: Dumb things Big Three fans would have you believe.

Articles, Ads and Technical Info: Our library of old magazine clippings- info and pics.

AMC Police Cars: The AMC Javelin Police Car, info and more!

'Un-Car' Gallery: Cars owned by visitors to this site!
AMC Racing Gallery: When stock just ain't enough.
AMC Art Gallery: Original AMC Artwork by yours truly...and you(?).
Foreign AMC? Info and pics on the AMCs available overseas!
Our AMC Vehicles: All about our cars!
Toy Chest: AMC-related Toys and Collectibles (NOT for sale!).

Events: Upcoming Shows, Swap Meets, Club Outings....etc, and recent photos and articles on past events.
Visitor's Guestbook: Stuff YOU said!
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